Tenders & EOI

    How to become a Safaricom Supplier

    All potential suppliers wishing to do business with Safaricom Ethiopia need to register on our Prospective Supplier Registration Portal and pass our prequalification process.

    The purpose of our supplier registration and prequalification process is to assist Safaricom Ethiopia in the identification and evaluation of potential suppliers who may subsequently be invited to tender for specific goods and services.

    Upon accessing the portal, you will be requested to provide your company’s registration and tax information, contact details, directorship/shareholding, Business references, products and services. You will be required to attach the following mandatory documents in step 4 of 4 of the registration process.

    1. Company Profile – a profile of your company indicating the nature of business, history, organization, capability, etc.
    2. Company Certificate of Registration
    3. Company Tax Identification Certificate
    4. Business Licence
    5. A copy of Financial Statements For Your Last Two Years (if available)

    NB: Please scan digital copies of the above documents before you commence the registration process as you will be required to attach them to proceed.

    Safaricom Ethiopia will review your expression of interest and determine whether to invite your company to participate in our full prequalification process. The prequalification assessment process covers,

    1. Financial capacity
    2. Health and Safety
    3. Licensing and Accreditations
    4. Insurance
    5. Presence of management policies such as codes of conduct
    6. Business experience
    7. Probity and Litigations
    8. Conflict of Interest

    We would be glad to answer any questions or clarifications or comments you may have. Please send us e-mail on bids@safaricom.et

    Policies and Standards

    Before being engaged as supplier for specific goods and services, a Supplier will need to commit to the following policies and standards and will be required to sign all the below declarations:

    1. Safaricom Ethiopia’s Absolute Rules
    2. Safaricom Ethiopia’s Code of Ethical Purchasing
    3. Standard Terms and Conditions of Safaricom Ethiopia’s Purchase Order

    Become a Supplier

    2. EOI provision of audio & visual equipment & technical setup services for eventsClosed on 30/03/2023
    3. EOI provision of event planning & management (setup & decor) servicesClosed on 30/03/2023
    4. EOI Provision of sourcing category management trainningClosed on 03/03/2023
    5. Request for expression of interest for provision of office space for leaseClosed on 3/02/2023
    6. Expression of interest for the provision of corporate garbage collection & waste management servicesClosed on 27/01/2023
    7. Provision Request for expression of interest for supply of cash counting machine Closed on: 09/12/2022
    8. Provision request for expression of interest for the provision of outsourced legal due diligence service Closed on: 30/12/2022
    9. Provision defensive driving training, supply of new vehicles and fleet and transport services Closed on: 25/02/2022
    10. Provision fleet and transport services Closed on: 25/02/2022
    11. Provision of brand catalogue supplies Closed on: 12/11/2021
    12. Provision of incident management desk services Closed on: 01/04/2022
    13. Provision of prime buildings with roof top Closed on: 20/11/2021
    14. Provision of trade development representatives Closed on: 12/11/2021
    15. Provision of warehouse operations and goods delivery services Closed on: 09/03/2022
    16. Provision of ad hoc research services Closed on: 29/04/2022
    17. Provision of advance airtime services Closed on: 20/11/2021
    18. Provision of an end to end crbt platform Closed on: 18/02/2022
    19. Provision of assorted personal protective equipment Closed on: 27/12/2021
    20. Provision of audio visual equipment-5 Closed on: 12/02/2022
    21. Provision of audio _ visual production services Closed on: 04/03/2022
    22. Provision of background check services Closed on: 27/05/2022
    23. Provision of below the line marketing Closed on: 12/11/2021
    24. Provision of bts site rollout services Closed on: 01/04/2022
    25. Provision of building maintenance services Closed on: 27/12/2021
    26. Provision of catering services Closed on: 13/05/2022
    27. Provision of communication evaluation studies Closed on: 06/01/2022
    28. Provision of company health advisor services Closed on: 27/12/2021
    29. Provision of construction and fit out works Closed on: 27/12/2021
    30. Provision of corporate soft facilities services Closed on: 27/12/2021
    31. Provision of covid related personal protective equipment Closed on: 27/12/2021
    32. Provision of data collection research services for brand health tracking _ satisfaction studies Closed on: 20/05/2022
    33. Provision of digital storage, retrieval and scanning of documents-2 Closed on: 04/03/2022
    34. Provision of digital tracking (social listening) services Closed on: 06/01/0202
    35. Provision of driking water Closed on: 27/12/2021
    36. Provision of fast food Closed on: 13/05/2022
    37. Provision of fuel transportation service Closed on: 29/04/2022
    38. Provision of fumigation and pest control services Closed on: 15/07/2022
    39. Provision of furniture and office equipment Closed on: 23/12/2021
    40. Provision of incident management desk services1 Closed on: 07/02/2022
    41. Provision of installation of network equipment Closed on: 20/11/2021
    42. Provision of media _ editorial monitoring Closed on: 06/01/2022
    43. Provision of multifunction printers (mfps) and secure print management system Closed on: 13/05/2022
    44. Provision of occupational safety and health statutory training services Closed on: 27/12/2021
    45. Provision of office space for lease Closed on: 11/03/2022
    46. Provision of prime commercial ground floor space copy Closed on: 20/11/2021
    47. Provision of prime developmenr redeployment Closed on: 12/11/2021
    48. Provision of property search acquisation advisory and consultancy services Closed on: 12/11/2021
    49. Provision of retail staff uniforms and uniform accessories (extension)) Closed on: 30/03/2022
    50. Provision of retail staff uniforms and uniform accessories-3 Closed on: 18/03/2022
    51. Provision of safaricom dealership Closed on: 12/11/2021
    52. Provision of satisfaction studies Closed on: 06/01/2022
    53. Provision of services for media buying agency Closed on: 10/06/2022
    54. Provision of site acceptance and Closed on: 18/03/2022
    55. Provision of site acquisition services Closed on: 01/04/2022
    56. Provision of site rollout supervision and acceptance activities (including but not limited to civil works, power, telecom installation _ fiber) Closed on: 03/06/2022
    57. Provision of statutory health safety Closed on: 17/03/2022
    58. Provision of supply of new vehicles Closed on: 25/02/2022
    59. Provision of value added service management and content aggregation Closed on: 18/02/2022
    60. Provision of vehicle tracking and telematics systems Closed on: 25/02/2022
    61. Provision of warehouse space for lease Closed on: 29/07/2022
    62. Provision of work at height training, supply of fall arrest equipment and rescue kits Closed on: 27/12/2022
    63. Supply of distribution transformers Closed on: 15/04/2022
    64. Supply of fibre materials by original equipment manufactures (oems) Closed on: 20/05/2022
    65. Supply of phone display units Closed on: 15/07/2022
    66. Supply of wall branding _ billboard lease services across the country Closed on: 10/06/2022
    67. Provision of Corporate Garbage Collection and Waste Management Services Closed on: 25/11/2022
    68. Provision of Gym and Fitness Training Services Closing on: 25/11/2022
    69. Provision of Taxi Services Closing on: 25/11/2022
    70. Provision of the Storage, Retrieval, And Scanning of Documents Closed on: 25/11/2022
    71. Provision of Safaricom Mobile Money (M-PESA) Master Agents Closed on: 25/11/2022
    72. Provision of fuel transportation service activities (posted for the second time)Closed on: 09/09/2022

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