Charging Mode

    • One session is equivalent to 180 seconds.
    • Businesses will be charged based on the sessions accomplished by their End-users on the USSD menu
    • The full charging session is applied upon successful dialing and access to the USSD menu.

    Service Delivery Mode

    • Corporates with the USSD applications: can independently configure their USSD menus and transmit USSD traffic seamlessly via integration with the Safaricom USSD platform.
    • Corporates without the USSD application: Safaricom will provide assistance in configuring the USSD menu and establishing a connection to the USSD service, according to the business's specifications provided to the Safaricom technical support team.

    USSD Benefits to Businesses

    24/7 service availability:

    24/7 service availability: USSD services can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring that users have access to important information and services around the clock.

    Offline functionality:

    Unlike internet-based services, USSD operates without the need for data connectivity, making it functional even in areas with low or no internet connectivity​

    User-friendly and Easy to use on any Device:

    With simple, menu-driven interfaces, USSD services are user-friendly and easy to navigate on any mobile device. ​

    Real-time information and response:

    operates on real-time session-based communication, users receive fast, accurate information and responses as long as they interact on the USSD menu actively. ​

    KYC Documentation and Requirements

    No Document Type Enterprise Customer Categories
    Private business / Government commercial entities Non-commercial Government entities NGOs Embassies International Organization
    01 Trade name registration certificate / Commercial registration certificate
    02 Establishment Legislation (If Applicable)
    03 Renewed business license
    04 TIN certificate​
    05 Official service request letter
    06 Operation permit​
    07 Registration Certificate
    08 For existing Short Code only: Prove of ownership is necessary and a letter from ECA/ other telecom service provider/ relevant authority is required